Golf Etiquette for Junior Golfers

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Part of the process of improving your golf game as a junior golfer is learning the customs and traditions of the sport. Etiquette out on the course, especially when playing tournaments, is an essential part of golf and is almost as old as the game itself. Understanding the dress code, how to behave on the course, and courtesies to show other golfers will help you develop a good relationship with golfers and a reputation for yourself.

Sweatpants and jeans are not allowed on most courses. In fact, it is most appropriate to wear a collared shirt (tucked in for men), along with dress or golf slacks or shorts. Be sure to refrain from running, since it is distracting to other players, and do not yell unless you are yelling “fore” to warn of an errant shot. In an effort to keep up a good pace of play, put a limit on time between club selection and shot, as well as searching for lost balls.

The International Junior Golf Academy can teach you everything you need to know about golf etiquette, as well as give you the training you need to get to the next level as a golfer.

 Golf Etiquette for Juniors

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