How to Stay Fit Over Summer

When the summer rolls around and school is out of session, it is important to do what you can to stay on top of your golf game. From working on your fitness and nutrition to enrolling in golf camps for juniors, getting as much training as possible allows you to refine your technique, which will continue to take you to the next level. This is especially true for junior golfers that are looking for collegiate opportunities and potential scholarships, as a summer away from the game is time that gives your competition a leg up. Add to this the fact that the winter may shut you down for a few months, depending on where you live, and staying fit over the summer is one of the most critical parts of your golf game.

Hit the Gym

Especially if you live in a part of the country that is still thawing out, focusing on getting in shape should be a top priority. Even in the off season, it is critical to pay attention to your strength, agility, power and flexibility. Work on your core muscles, as well as your arms, legs, and back, so that you have the strength to play multiple rounds. As you get older and play at higher levels, you will need to play multiple days in a row, and consistency, power, and accuracy are what will take you to the top of the leaderboard.

woman doing pushups at gymThis is also a good time to work on your mechanics away from the course. Practicing your swing and making sure that your club speed and approach are where they need to be will carry forward as you play more rounds during the summer.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Staying fit also involves playing as often as possible. This does not mean that you need to spend every single day of your summer break playing 18 holes, but it is a good idea to work on putting, bunker shots and drives. Practicing your different shots also allows you to shake off any rust and get you back into the right habits moving forward. Meeting with your trainer regularly helps you build up your skills through targeted drills that focus on areas where you can improve. When you are ready, consider entering a local tournament to gauge your development and get experience playing in a competitive format. If you are already familiar with playing in tournaments, challenge yourself to qualify for national or international events.

Enroll in a Summer Golf Camp

A summer golf camp allows you to work with world-class coaches on all aspects of the game. In addition to learning from top-level certified instructors, camps at the International Junior Golf Academy set young golfers up for success by teaching both the physical and mental sides of golf. Golfers become more knowledgeable and train with others their age learning about their swing, excelling at the short game, putting, and course management. When not on the course, junior golfers are able to spend their summer as their peers would, at the beach or just hanging out with friends.

In addition, IJGA gives golfers the tools they need to explore golfing at the next level, including college, so that they can get on the right track now, both athletically and academically. Learn more about IJGA’s golf camps for juniors by contacting a representative today at (888) 452-6642.

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