How to Increase Your Driving Distance

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As you continue to develop your golf game, you will undoubtedly encounter a number of challenges that you will overcome. Avoiding water hazards and navigating bunkers is important, to say the least, but so is maximizing your distance and controlling where the ball will land on the fairway. Having to take an extra shot on a hole is no fun, which is why junior golfers constantly work on how to increase driving distance. When you are working with your golf academy coach on driving distance and your mechanics, you will gain new insight into how your fundamentals affect trajectory and distance to put you into the best position possible for your approach shot. Here are a few tips for increasing your driving distance, and some areas to focus on in practice that will translate into success during your next round.

Start at Square One

The key to gaining more distance on your drive is to first start out by mastering a normal tee shot. This includes evaluating your posture, setup, backswing and follow through, and fine tuning your mechanics so that you do everything right when addressing the ball. Make sure that you stay strong and consistent in your transfer of weight, and maintain the proper grip and swing plane. Once you do, you and your instructor can then focus on the adjustments you need to gain extra yardage on your drive.

Having a slightly wider stance can help you increase your distance, as can increasing resistance in your hips and legs. A bigger rotation through your shoulders also allows you to put more behind your swing. According to, widening the arc of your swing and keeping your arms extended throughout the process increases distance. You will notice that these small changes to your stance and routine can help you get those added yards that can make a difference in your overall score. Of course, playing with a headwind or crosswind can affect your distance as well, and your instructor can supply you with tips to master various conditions on the course.

Improve Your Training Program

In addition to working on the mechanics of your swing – stance, grip, rotation, etc. – it is extremely important to dedicate time to your overall health and fitness levels. Getting stronger helps you put more power and speed into your shot, which translates into greater impact and better results. Increasing strength and flexibility is the key in order to be able to dial up swing speed and shift more weight into the shot. However, arm strength is not the thing that affects distance. Having a strong core, including your lower back, abs, and legs, helps you stay consistent with your swing.

As you develop your mechanics and work on your game, golf academy instruction helps you with sport-specific workouts and training, while also building you into the golfer and student you want to be to succeed at the next level. Keep these driving tips in mind and explore everything that the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) has to offer by contacting a representative about the programs today at (888) 452-6642.



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