Heritage Academy awards IJGA students


Heritage Academy, our education partner and an award winning South Carolina private school, held it’s annual Undergraduate Awards ceremonies today. Among the winners were many IJGA students in both the morning and afternoon school awards ceremonies.

Highlighting the early part of the ceremonies was student of the month recognition 14 IJGA students won the award over the course of seven months for exemplifying qualities like humility, ethics, tolerance and integrity. Those fourteen students (in order of recognition) were: Nick Russell of Hilton Head, S.C., Rei Nakatani of Tokyo Japan, Dong Jin Park Seoul South Korea, Melany Chong of Mississauga Canada, Kanata Irei of Okinawa-shi Japan, Kayla Kozak of Bluffton, S.C., Shiso Go of Kanagawa Japan, Rhea Bhagia of Charlotte, N.C., Thomas Pfoestl of Schenna Italy, Paul Gostner of Bolzano Italy, Tennoshin Ogawa of Ichinomiyashi Japan, Xiaofeng Hu of Quing Dao China, Ankita Kedlaya of Bangalore India, and Jasmine Chee of Hong Kong China.

They also honored new National Honor Society members, a list that included included IJGA students: Chee, Santiago Diaz of Merida Mexica, Aniruddh Kedlaya of Bangalore India, Kozak, Meredith Langs of Hilton Head, S.C., Nakatani, Gabriela Teran of Managua Nicaragua, and Alexander Vegh of Gahanna, Oh. The SCISA Math Meet team was also recognized and included Bhagia, Chong, Aniruddh Kedlaya, Teran and Vegh.

Kayla Kozak and Gloria Shoemaker
Kayla Kozak, who won multiple awards for morning school with Head of School, Gloria Shoemaker.

Kozak took home three major awards for morning school including the Heritage Award for exemplifying school spirit, school service and citizenship, the School Service Award for her active participation in school activities and the Top Student Award for 10th grade. Aniruddh Kedlaya was named the Character Award recipient for morning school. In afternoon school, Nakatani took home the Heritage Award while Ankita Kedlaya took home the School Service Award and, like her twin brother, added the Character Award.

Students who were deemed the best at a particular subject in morning, afternoon and middle school were given subject awards. Morning school winners included Langs (English), Jose Chavez, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Art), Kozak (Foreign Language) and Go (English as a Second Language).  Afternoon school winnders included: Leo Hernandez, Stewartsville, N.J. (English), Chong (Math), Ankita Kedlaya (Science), Nakatani (Social Studies), Shunsuke Omura, Yokohama, Japan (Art), and Irei (English as a Second Language). The middle school subject awards included Bhagia (Math/Science) and Park (English as a Second Language).

The following students were honored for graduating 8th grade and will join their peers as high school students next fall: Bhagia, Claire Jeon, Yong-In, South Korea, Park, and Chase Phillips, Hilton Head, S.C. Bhagia and Phillips were also recognized with 2015 George Grice Certificates. These awards go to the 8th graders each year who score above 90% on the 2015 Stanford Achievement test in reading, math or both.


Heritage Academy's eighth grade graduating class of 2015.
Heritage Academy’s eighth grade graduating class of 2015.
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