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Here at the IJGA our students go to school together, play golf together, and yes, live together. While their time spent in class and on the course is important it is equally important to learn to live with other people on the road to becoming the best person, and college athlete, they can be. This opportunity is given to them through IJGA housing in The Village at the Lakes at Myrtle Park.

A bedroom in The Village
A bedroom in The Village

In The Village, students live in two and three-bedroom apartments with four to six students. Each student has one roommate with who they share a bedroom and bathroom and share the same apartment and common living space with two to four other students as well.

This living space includes a living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry room. Each apartment also includes a balcony or patio and there is a large lawn in the center of the complex where students frequently play pick-up soccer or volleyball.

A fully furnished living room in The Village
A fully furnished living room in The Village.

Each apartment is fully furnished and includes kitchen appliances, a twin sized bed for each student and a television with cable in the communal living room should it be desired. Every unit comes equipped with wireless internet providing students with resources to do school work as well as the opportunity to video chat with their family at home, wherever home may be.

A kitchen in The Village.
A kitchen in The Village.

While each apartment has a kitchen, meals for all of our residents are included in housing costs and served each day by in-house staff members. Breakfast and dinner are typically served in the newly renovated Village Cafe while lunch is served at Pinecrest Golf Club where students take their golf lessons.

Residents will occasionally volunteer to help our Residential Instructors (RIs) make meals, especially if it is a dish native to their home country. Each week, students are treated to dinners featuring worldly cuisine but staples like rice and sandwiches are always on the menu.

The Village Cafe where students eat.
The Village Cafe where students eat.

Speaking of the residential staff, each student is assigned an RI who is available to help them with their questions on everything from homework to laundry. RIs are assigned small family-sized groups of students and are there to offer some adult guidance and supervision to the juniors. Whether it be helping them with homework or taking their group out for a family meal on the weekend, IJGA’s RIs are actively involved with our students every day. These RIs are readily available to parents and we encourage parents to reach out to the RIs with questions or for updates.

Living in The Village also includes a host of off-course activities. While the IJGA does focus on golf and academics, there are ample opportunities for students to have fun and enjoy their youth in their free time. On the weekends, RIs often schedule trips to local attractions like bowling alleys or the local Asian market. Don’t worry, these trips include the necessary errands for things like haircuts or dentist appointments. The Village is located in a complex that includes a pool and a gym, and has a grocery store within walking distance. With the beach within our reach, RIs often schedule beach visits for the students on the weekends.

IJGA students Jack O'Donovan and Wataru Koguchi taking part in a trip to a local bowling alley.
IJGA students Jack O’Donovan and Wataru Koguchi taking part in a trip to a local bowling alley.

The IJGA also employs a cleaning staff that comes in each week to help tidy up. A laundry service is available for those interested but RIs are happy to assist students in learning how to do their own laundry as well. Here at the IJGA, we care about our students and their families. We want our juniors them to feel like they are part of one big family and living in The Village is one of the keys to that warm and welcoming environment.

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