First-Class Facilities. A History of Results.

Developing the world’s best Junior Golfers

IJGA is the world’s leading golf boarding academy.

We offer:

  • A safe campus with private world-class golf facilities, located near Orlando, Florida.
  • Expert golf coaches who offer individualized training programs using state-of-the art training technology
  • An outstanding academic program through our partnership with the world-renowned Montverde Academy
  • International student body with an emphasis on personal growth

priority access to course & Facilities

Unlike other golf academies, IJGA players have unlimited and priority access to the golf course and are able to enjoy the facility in their free time with their peers. Floodlit, covered hitting bays, floodlit putting and bunker chipping greens allow practice well into the dark evenings. Additionally, students are assigned golf carts, allowing them easy access to practice or wherever they need to be on campus.

A Highly Driven Peer Group

We offer the most outstanding peer group in junior golf, evidenced by the extraordinary results and accomplishments of our students.

Focused on Golf

Unlike other sports-focused programs, all our students are dedicated to becoming the best golfers they can be.

Small Student Body

Our program is capped at 100 students, allowing staff to build individual relationships with each student.

Academically Driven

Students in the IJGA program boast a 100% college acceptance rate, with a vast majority of students getting accepted to their first choice of college.

Diverse Student Body

IJGA has a student body abundant in diversity and culture. The majority of our students are international and study in a second language.

Expert Coaching, Cutting-Edge Technology, and Superior training

Advanced Technology

We use the latest in golf-training technology, including K-Vest and 3D motion capture, Swing Catalyst performance studio, TrackMan doppler radar, and more.

Coaching Team

IJGA’s coaches have an aggregate of more than 100 years of experience and specialize in a variety of areas. They are recognized as being the strongest team in junior golf.

Training Program

Our training program includes technical skills development, mental training, physical training, and course and competition strategy.

Pod System

Based on their needs, students are organized in a Pod with a highly experienced team of coaches who compliment one another’s strengths.




IJGA Bishops Gate places a strong emphasis on building mental skills. From creating clear and compelling process goals, learning to focus on the things they can control, and developing on-course skills to promote grit and perseverance, the mental performance program will help each athlete manage their own tendencies and become mentally stronger.



Using Swing Catalyst and Trackman technology, we analyze the swing and develop a technical plan for each player. The technical plan includes basic fundamentals, swing, short game, and putting. Following an individualized plan based on their needs, students focus on improving these fundamental skills. Sound mechanics are a critical element of long-term development.



Strategy is a key part of the learning process for a junior golfer, involving all areas of on-course performance. Developing a good game plan, managing the yardage book, reading greens, setting tournament goals, and managing statistics are all part of on-course strategy. Learning how to make smart strategic decisions while playing is a critical skill that can significantly impact student scores and performance.



Without an accurate gauge of where a student-athlete is in all areas of athletic development—functional strength and conditioning, technical skill, mental strength, course strategy, and personal growth—it is impossible to provide the right plan for their development. Utilizing the best technological diagnostic tools, combined with many years of coaching experience, IJGA students are assessed in all areas throughout the year. Technology includes Swing Catalyst, Trackman, Sam Putt Lab, and more to accurately diagnose the swing for accelerated results.



Using the assessment data, a blueprint (an individualized improvement plan) is created for each student with clear and measurable process goals in all areas of training. Outcomes and goals are easy to set, but the blueprint provides the roadmap for how to achieve those goals. Blueprints are regularly monitored and adjusted based on progress and development.



A period of evaluation and post-tournament reflection is another element of the process that promotes learning and growth. Taking time to review performance and adjust or refocus the plan is necessary for any athlete. Active rest allows you to reset physically and mentally to prepare for the next cycle.



Tournaments provide a competitive environment to test students’ skills. However, it is important to build the right schedule based on age, ability, goals, and objectives. Having a mix of tournaments that provide different levels of difficulty is an excellent way to gain experience, be challenged, and build confidence. Students set goals before tournaments and complete a robust post-performance process using stats and self-reflection to evaluate and readjust their plans for the next tournament.



A junior golfer’s functional strength and conditioning are vital to their success, on and off the course. Strength and conditioning work improves endurance, prevents injuries, and promotes peak performance. Our approach to fitness includes functionality, stability, strength, and flexibility, all of which help students improve their swing and overall golf game. To maximize results, we tailor each student’s fitness program to their own individual physical and functional needs.



Our 20-acre golf range has multiple hitting areas, putting greens, and chipping bunker greens providing extensive training opportunities for students. The range has floodlit covered hitting bays and floodlit bunker and chipping greens allowing for training deep into the evenings. Students at our academy have priority access to the golf course, including the use of golf carts, for practice and fun! Students have unlimited course access throughout the day.



Students benefit from a personalized tournament schedule. They enjoy a wide range of tournament options like high-level invitationals, American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), Federation of Mexican Golf (FMG), and International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) Elite and Regular events. Players competing in the IJGT events earn points for our Race to Scotland (RTS), based on net scores.



We are committed to the highest level of academic development and as such partner with the world-renowned Montverde Academy. Montverde Academy is an elite college preparatory academy founded in 1917, ranked in the top 20 of notable private schools in the USA, out of a total of 36,000 schools. Additionally, we offer supplemental academic support through teacher-led study halls and professional and peer tutoring.



IJGA has a dedicated and experienced College Planning and Placement team who guide students through the intricacies of the application and placement process. We are fully-active with students through all grades, starting in the 9th grade and culminating in placing the students into college during the 12th grade, if not before.



IJGA is committed to providing a great level of support to its students. As such, senior staff are partners in IJGA, making them owners in the business, motivating them to provide the best service to students and parents.



Students enjoy a home away from home with living rooms and kitchens to do their own cooking and entertaining. Rather than a dorm-style living situation, these homes replicate family-style living. Students from the ages 14 -18 live together, creating their own family support units.



We have an active character program throughout the year for all students to teach valuable life and character building skills. We have adopted a Captains Program to give students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and learn how to influence and mentor others.

IJGA Programs

Academy Program

IJGA is the world’s leading full-time golf boarding academy.

Post-Grad Program

Preparation for professional tours or college.

Custom Program

Week-long, custom programs for junior golfers.


Campers receive technical, mental, and fitness training.

Excellent Education

Academic development is as important to us as golf development. IJGA is privileged to partner with Montverde Academy who provide an excellent education. Founded in 1917, Montverde Academy is an international, co-educational, college preparatory school that is ranked among the top 20 most notable private schools in the USA out of 36,000 schools.

Our Legacy

OF COllege Placement

IJGA is the longest established independent junior golf academy in the U.S., dating back to 1995. Our numbers speak for themselves.


In the last 5 years IJGA has placed 113 D1 athletes

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Top colleges and universities that IJGA graduates have attended since 2014

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Of IJGA graduates have earned a college golf placement spot in the last 3 years

Student success stories

International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) student-athletes earn spots and play golf at the college level, while getting an excellent education. Their golf talents get them into colleges they might not otherwise have been admitted to. They play hard and study hard. Here are some recent IJGA alumni success stories.

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